Falx Trading sets up Shop

Falx Trading Rafe Axleson wanted to improve an outdated HTML website and incorporate an online catalogue of the various sailing products that he supplies through his business Falx Trading to the local yachting industry, with a view to selling products online at a later stage.

Slingshot setup a website for Falx Trading using the Joomla! Content Management System and the VirtueMart eCommerce extension, set in a Gavick template, one of our recommended sources of templates, that has enabled Rafe to load numerous products that he sells, with detailed information about the technical specifications of each one, including a leading image and image gallery to show prospective buyers exactly what they are buying.

The Store is mobile friendly and automatically displays a select list menu when viewed from a device with a smaller screen size, displaying the products on the website properly with a practical navigation system.

Slingshot converts Fish Media to Joomla!

Fish MediaAfter introducing Claire Attwood, the owner of Fish Media, to the Joomla! CMS via one of our weekly Joomla! Beginner courses in Cape Town, to help her to manage one of her clients websites, Claire contracted Slingshot to convert her own company's website to Joomla! 

After Claire chose a responsive template from JoomlaBamboo, one of our recommended sources, we set about making here website work the way she wanted, incorporating automatic resizing of images, and a switch from a full width menu to a toggle menu for mobile devices, which also remains visible when one scrolls below the fold.

Congratulations on your new website, Claire, which boast some of the images and text that have made Fish Media the custodian of publications for leading players in the marine industry like I&J, the FAO and the UNDP amongst many others.

Slingshot launches Boston Breweries new websites

Boston Breweries - Naturally brewed, naturally better...Congratulations to Boston Breweries who have a brand new website, having been contracted by Jolie360 to migrate their website from an aging Joomla! 1.5.x to 2.5.x (the stable version of the CMS at the time)

The site includes a number of interesting and effective technologies, including a Social Activity strea, from their Facebook, Twitter and YouTube channels, that automatically show the latest activity in the social media sites on the home page.

The website is completely mobile friendly, responding to various screen sizes and different devices such as desktop or tablet or smartphones using a responsive template.

For their Online Beer Store, we chose to use a home-brewed shopping cart solution called SomeAmmo, which enables online payment via PayFast, another local operator, so that loyal clients can order their tasty craft beer online, and have it delivered to their home, at no extra cost. 

Debugging Bootstrap with Firebug and Firefox


Bootstrap is an enormously popular CSS framework.

Last week, we outlined 6 reasons why so many people love using it.

This week, we have a quick tip from our forthcoming Joomla 3 and Bootstrap class.

VIcki Watson shows us how to use the Firebug plugin for Firefox to diagnose and fix problems with Bootstrap sites:


Nuevvo: A New Template Club from Joomlaworks


Fotis Evangelou and the team at Joomlaworks are famous for their Joomla work.

They created K2, AllVideos, Simple Image Gallery and many more one of the most popular extensions ever.

They've also built some of the highest traffic Joomla sites, several of which attract many million of visitors each month.

Fotis and his team have just launched a new project: Nuevvo.com. We sat down with Fotis to talk about the launch.


Teaching PHP at a Community College


Everyone seems to agree that teaching students to code is important.

However, most of our education system seems to be stuck in the 20th century, teaching Dreamweaver and other outdated systems.

Fortunately, we get to talk with an increasing number of teachers who include open source in their classes.

During the next few weeks we're going to talk with several of those teachers.


The Premier League Standings for Websites


The English Premier League is the most popular sports league in the world.

If you run a team in the Premier League you can reach 5 billion people in over 200 countries.

So, wouldn't you want to put your best foot forward with marketing? Wouldn't it make sense to build a great website.

We took a look at the website for all 20 Premier League teams to find out whose sites were world-class and whose sites were an own goal.


Content Versioning - A Sneak Peek at Joomla's Newest Proposed Feature


Joomla! 3.2 is about four months away and there's another really big and exciting feature in development: Content Versioning!

That's right! Content Versioning! And it's not just content versioning for the Joomla core, but an API will be provided for extension developers to use the feature for their extensions.

In this article, I'll take you through a little bit of the background information, then get right to the screenshots through the Content Versioning system, its current UI (User Interface) and its features.


6 Reasons to Choose the Bootstrap CSS Framework


For those of you, who like me have been developing websites for few years, we tend to use similar chunks of CSS code that we copy paste from project to project.

Those of you who are more organized may have developed your own set of base CSS files to use as foundation for your projects. This method works, but let's face it, this is not the most efficient way to do things.

Creating a CSS framework that is flexible, follows latest standards and is thoroughly tested takes days of work and could become a project in itself. Most of us don't have time to do this.

To make matters worse, with the rise of mobile devices, making responsive websites and keeping up with the latest technologies is time consuming.



Joomla! Beginner Course

"The structure and the training was at a steady pace and one on one help was available if you had any queries or got stuck."

Thabit Ishmail @ Cape IT Initiative

Joomla! Beginner & Joomla! Intermediate & Drupal Intermediate Courses

"The teaching style, it was very hands-on. Keep doing what your doing... :)

Thank you Sean for this opportunity."

Unthi Burrow @ Chilli Consulting

Trade Show Training

Wordpress Beginner Course in Durban 

"Hi Sean,

"The one-on-one time I spent with Graham on Tuesday was excellent value for money as he showed me how Wordpress could achieve all of my SEO objectives and help my web site and service, achieve its potential.

Kind regards"

Joy Donovan PG-Dip. (Hons) Management Practice - Events

Facilitator, assessor and moderator - Events Industry
TRADE SHOW TRAINING division of Lester Donovan Group (Pty) Ltd. - trade exhibition organisers & project managers


Thanks for the help with my website.
There is no way I could have done anything on the site without your help.
I’m very impressed with your service and friendly staff. 
Keep up the good work. Regards, Kirsten

Kirsten Stoyell | MinEx Projects (Pty) Limited | www.minexsa.com

Hi Sean

WOW!! WOW!! WOW!! Thank you for linking me up with the OS Training online classes.

I'm totally hooked – could spend the whole day going through the training videos but unfortunately I have to struggle with poor bandwidth and limited data bundle. However that is most probably beneficial as it compels me to try out the various aspects that are covered in each video.

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