Dropplets: Probably the Simplest Blog in the World

droppletsWebsites used to be really simple.

No databases. No configuration. No complex deployment systems.

Perhaps until around the year 2000, most websites didn't use a database and simply stored all their data in files.

Lately, some developers have tried to return to this simpler era, creating blogging software that only uses files. I've tested a few, and my favorite by far is Dropplets.

Dropplets is probably the simplest way to blog that I've seen in many years. It makes even WordPress look bloated by comparison. Developed by Jason Schuller, the man behind Press75 WordPress themes, Dropplets is a fun and easy way to blog. Here's how it works ...


A Beginners Guide to Drupal Overrides

drupal bikeThe problem with many software applications is you can't make them your own. With Drupal, however, you have the option to override how Drupal does things. From altering a form to customizes the way your pages are displayed, Drupal provides options.

The concept of overriding something in Drupal can be made reality in several ways: Drupal's APIs, theme overrides, as well as overriding default configurations in modules. Whatever it is you need to do, the number one rule you should endeavor to follow is: don't hack the core (or a contributed module). Don't open the code files in Drupal and change them to meet your needs. There are better ways.

In this tutorial, we will focus on overriding themes.


A Guided Tour of Drupal's Settings.php

settings gears

The most important file on your Drupal site is the settings.php file.

The settings.php is unique to every site and contains all of the important information that Drupal needs to run.

Inside settings.php you'll find everything from your database type and login details to your URL and multisite options.

This tutorial is your guided tour of settings.php. If you run a Drupal site, here's what you need to know about this vital file.

The settings.php file is what makes your site run. It's the glue that connects your code to the database and various other things such as:


How to Use Drupal's Search Module

A lot of things are simple in Drupal ... once you know how.

The Search module is a perfect example of something that is initially confusing to set up, but simple once you know how do it correctly.

This week we had several questions from our members about the Search module, so we wrote this tutorial to help them out.

There are several confusing elements to the Search module. Let's address them one-by-one:


A Look at Commerce Kickstart 2 for Drupal E-commerce


We first blogged about Drupal Commerce in late 2011.

Since then, there have been some huge changes in the Drupal Commerce world.

  • Drupal Commerce grew enough to pass Ubercart as the most popular shopping solution for Drupal.
  • A good number of large and prestigious sites moved to Drupal Commerce.
  • Commerce Kickstart, their distribution which allows people to get a store up and running quickly, become the most popular Drupal distribution.


Version 2 of Commerce Kickstart was recently released, and it provided a complete redesign. So we decided to take a look.


7 of our Favorite Presentations from DrupalCon Sydney


At the beginning of February, Australia held the first ever DrupalCon outside of Europe or North America.

All of the DrupalCon Sydney sessions were taped and put all online, saving you the cost of airfare, hotel and food, although Sydney would have been really nice in February! In fact, the DrupalCon team did an extraordinary job. Not only did they record every session, but they posted videos online within hours of each session ending.


Adding Meta Tags to Drupal Content


Search engine optimization (SEO) is often at the top of the to-do list when planning a site.

There was a time when the tag had been considered one way to help your pages rise to the top of a search engine result. Although that is not always the case anymore, it can still be useful to meta tags available to search engines so they can use it if they choose.

In this tutorial, we'll explore the Meta tags module, a fast and easy way to add metadata to your nodes, terms, and users.


Drupal 7.20 Has Been Released




Drupal 7.20 was released this week.

This is a security release so upgrading immediately is essential.

Also, this is a good opportunity to check up on all your sites.

Drupal 7 releases have been coming rapidly over the last few months. Drupal 7 had no releases in its first 5 months, but has now had 5 releases in the last 5 months. 4 of those releases contained security fixes.

We've moved rapidly from 7.16 in October to 7.20 in February.

Please make sure that all your sites are up-to-date.


The State of Drupal 8: After Feature Freeze

drupal 8

Over the last year, we've been covering the Drupal community's progress towards releasing Drupal 8.

Planning for Drupal 8 started years ago, but new features were added up until this weekend when "Feature Freeze" finally arrived.

In our first update in November, we showed that the core file structure has changed, plus there were over 15 new modules including Views.

In the second update in December, we pointed out a new toolbar, inline editing, cleaner interfaces and improved multi-lingual features. Now that the feature freeze has passed, let's take another look at the state of Drupal 8.


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