Nuevvo: A New Template Club from Joomlaworks


Fotis Evangelou and the team at Joomlaworks are famous for their Joomla work.

They created K2, AllVideos, Simple Image Gallery and many more one of the most popular extensions ever.

They've also built some of the highest traffic Joomla sites, several of which attract many million of visitors each month.

Fotis and his team have just launched a new project: We sat down with Fotis to talk about the launch.


Content Versioning - A Sneak Peek at Joomla's Newest Proposed Feature


Joomla! 3.2 is about four months away and there's another really big and exciting feature in development: Content Versioning!

That's right! Content Versioning! And it's not just content versioning for the Joomla core, but an API will be provided for extension developers to use the feature for their extensions.

In this article, I'll take you through a little bit of the background information, then get right to the screenshots through the Content Versioning system, its current UI (User Interface) and its features.


How to Enable Joomla SEF URLs on GoDaddy for SEO

godaddy com

Recently, some of GoDaddy's servers have been producing a "No input file specified" error message when enabling Search Engine Friendly (SEF) URLs in Joomla.

This tutorial will show you step-by-step how to get your Joomla site working on GoDaddy's servers with SEF URLs enabled.


Joomla 3.1 Has Been Tagged and Released

Joomla 3.1 was released this week.

3.1 is available as one-click update for all Joomla 3 users.

The major new feature in 3.1 is Tags. We wrote a detailed introduction to Tags and said that this "is one of the best new features to be added to Joomla in a long time."

In addition to Tags, there are some bug fixes and 7 security fixes, so do we recommend that Joomla 3 users update immeadiately. If you have a lot of sites, try using to update quickly and easily.


Joomla 3.1 Tags Preview

J3 tags logo

Joomla 3.1 is just around the corner; and one of the most exciting proposed features for it is Tags.

The Tags feature is still currently under review. If Tags are included, it would likely be the "poster-child" for the Joomla 3.1 release.

One of the best features about the Tags component is that it allows other extensions to connect to its API and use the tags. Eextension developers can implement tagging into their component and interact with other tags easily.

In the following screenshots, I'll take you through the Tags component, its menu items, and extensions, as well as highlight some of its coolest features along the way.


Joomla Days in Boston and Guatemala: Free Tickets and Training


Some events are really well timed.

Joomla Day Boston is one of those events. It's taking place in Boston on Saturday, March 16th.

The next day is St. Patricks Day and there are few places better to celebrate that day than Boston.

We have free tickets available for Joomla Day Boston and also for Joomla Day Guatemala in April.


How to Test Joomla 3 Beta Versions



Joomla 3 is the Short Term Support version of Joomla and so new versions with new features arrive regularly.

Joomla 3.1 is due at the end of March. The major new feature is likely to be Tags, which can be added to articles and extensions to organize them more effectively.

You can see our full introduction to the Tags feature here.

A Beta version of Joomla 3.1 is already out. The Joomla team wants as many people as possible to test each version before release, so they make it easy to install and test Beta versions. Here's how to test Joomla 3.1 and Tags.


How to Upload Large Joomla Extensions

Uploading large extensions can be a tricky business.

Because some extensions contain a large number of files, it's often hard to install them via the Joomla administrator area. This because hosting companies often put strict limits on the amout of resources you can use on your server, and uploading large files can take a lot of resources.. When you try to upload these large extensions you may end up with timeouts or error messages.

In this tutorial we're going to show you two ways to upload large extensions. One of these techniques will also allow you to install dozens of extensions at once.

Finally, at the end of the tutorial, we'll show you a technique that (to our knowledge) has never been documented in Joomla before.


Joomla 2.5.9 and 3.0.3 Released


Start using your one-click update fingers: Joomla 2.5.9 and Joomla 3.0.3 have been released.

Remember that updating Joomla is now as simple as logging in to your Joomla site and clicking on the flashing icon that notifies you of an update.

Both of these releases are regularly scheduled maintenance releases which provide bug-fixes and low-level security patches. Updating immediately is recommended.


The Secrets of the Joomla Messaging Extension

We've been teaching Joomla 2.5 for around two years now.Joom inbox icon

2.5 is a successful, reliable platform. We run on 2.5, and lately we've found that nearly 100% of our live training students are using it.

However, some part of 2.5 are often confusing to our students. One of these is the Messaging extension.

In this blog, I'm going to show you the two features of the Messaging extension. I'm also going to suggest two ways in which Messaging could be improved in future Joomla releases.


Dear Sean, When I looked for Joomla! training it came after going through a number of different good and bad opinions about what Joomla! is. I decided to learn Joomla! finally as a easy way out of the stress of web development through programming html code. Now that I have done the training with you, I feel like a door has opened to an enormous banquet hall of opportunities that look as exciting as they are to use and delivering that satisfaction to clients looking for a good working site is achievable. 


Drupal Intermediate Course

"I learnt exactly what I wanted to learn. I feel more comfortable with many aspects of Drupal and can definitely tackle an upcoming project with greater confidence. Many thanks."

Libby Young @ Big Media

Joomla! Beginner & Joomla! Intermediate & Drupal Intermediate Courses

"The teaching style, it was very hands-on. Keep doing what your doing... :)

Thank you Sean for this opportunity."

Unthi Burrow @ Chilli Consulting

"Sean is a master of the Joomla software world and has been the architect of the new Organizational website. He is an expert, works hard and delivers on time, and has an affable, engaging personality." Chris Zielinsk, World Health Organisation - African Regional Office

Cape IT Initiative

Joomla! Intermediate Course

"The content was very informative and training was well presented."

Thabit Ishmail @ Cape IT Initiative

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