Lalela UPS & WiFi Routers

Because work needs to continue, even when the power supply doesn't!

Lalela UPS
Home Office Inverter Trolley

Plug & Play Solution, No DB Installation required, Power your
Home-Office or SmartTV & DSTV during load shedding

1.2KVA (750W) | R7,500

6-Month Limited Warranty

Automatically switches on/off when loadshedding starts/ends

The Lalela Inverter Trolley is the ideal solution to keep your home office up and running during load-shedding. The Inverter trolley can power a full home office with multiple devices connected. The inverter can power desktops, monitors, routers and even your TV and DSTV Decoder. The inverter will switch seamlessly between Eskom power and backup power to ensure you and your team are productive, with no more dropped Teams and Zoom calls. The trolley is a plug and play solution.

Estimated run times:

  • 20 Hours – Laptop

  • 8.5 Hours – Laptop + 2 Screens

  • 6 Hours – Desktop + 1 Screen

  • 5 Hours – Desktop + 2 Screens

All run times are estimates and will vary depending on actual devices connected and power usage.

This is a modified sine wave inverter and cannot power a LaserJet printer, kettle, toaster or appliances with a motor or heater.


  • Specifications: Model GW1200

  • Capacity: 720W/1200VA

  • Sinewave: Modified Sinewave

  • Battery: 12V 100ah

  • Protection: Deep discharge, Overcharge, Short Circuit, Overload Battery Short, Over-voltage, Under-voltage

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WiFi UPS Router


WiFi UPS Router+