WiBox WiFi UPS

WiBox UPS | 84WH | R1,500

The WiBox is a plug and play mini UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply), to power your router and fiber box during power outages. The WiBox is super easy to install, no professional installation required, providing you with up to 6H backup time on your router and fiber box with the impressive 84 WH rating. The WiBox is compatible with all DC Fiber, ADSL and LTE setups.

WiBox UPS | 104WH Lithium | R2,500

The WiBox Lithium is a long-lasting, high capacity mini Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS), equipped with two outputs, to power your router and fibre internet during power outages.

The WiBox Lithium makes use of a replaceable LiFePO4 104WH battery providing 12H+ uptime on two devices and up to 24H powering one device.

What’s in the box?

  • WiBox with rechargeable 8AH LiFePO4 battery installed
    (104WH) ~ 12H+ of backup time.

  • 12V to 9V, 5V converters.

  • 2x Device connecter adapters.

  • Installation manual.

The WiBox Lithium is compatible with;

  • 5V, 9V, 12V Fiber, ADSL & LTE.

The WiBox Lithium has 2x 12V outputs and includes 2x adapters,

  • 12V to 9V

  • 12V to 5V


The WiBox is compatible with 12 Volt routers and fibre boxes (most common).

5V, 9V, 19V & 24V adapters can be made at an additional fee of R200.

Input: 12V

Input: 12V


There are 2 common connectors currently catereed for;

Large and Small inline DC.

Before ordering please ensure your devices use these connectors.

Your WiBox will include adapters which cater for the 2 different sizes.

Other connectors can be made on request at an additional cost.

The WiBox Lithium is a plug and play, easy to install mini UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) for your internet setup. LiFePO4 batteries are a new battery technology that has a longer running time, quicker recharge time and a longer life span than traditional batteries.

The WiBox Lithiums high capacity 104WH LiFePO4 battery technology will provide you with uninterrupted power to your router and fibre box for 12H+ on a full charge!

These replaceable batteries have a 104WH capacity, lasting 12H powering two devices and a warranty of 2-years with an estimated lifespan of 5-years.

The WiBox is made in Cape Town, South Africa.